8 Great Things about Water Found On The Web #1

Starting a new series about some nifty (yes, I said nifty) things we find on the web, here at VIQUA.  Obviously, we have all kinds of Google alerts set up for water and UV water filtration, we do a lot of research and have a lot of in-house researchers and engineers. The share factor of these “Great Things” within the VIQUA office and among our global dealers is astounding.

Swarovski Crystal World Fountain Head

Spitting Crystals:  at the Swarovski factory, CrystalWeld, in Innsbruk. The fountain head greets people as you walk in. The Innsbruk area was allegedly chosen for its hydroelectric power.  The manufacture of the crystals is still a big secret is it connected to water?  Hmmm…  I’m just glad the water is coming out of the mouth and not the eyes because that would just be sad.




water tower coffee pot - uv water


Water Tower Art:  Personally, I think every city and town in North America should have X-Factor for their water towers.  The tea cup, the pineapple and the other ones shown here are very creative.  They are symbols of the town’s infrastructure.  Personally, I’d like to see one that looks like a robot in motion.  Make sure you check out the Dixie Cup on page two.  Maybe you should get a competition going among nearby towns?




washing machine toilet


A Washing Machine Using Mr. Crapper’s invention?  The Washlet?  Toiwash?  Sit & Spin? iToilet? While waste water can be effectively treated with UV water filtration systems, do you think this invention is a little too close to home?  There are so many things to say here, but since this is our Corporate blog I’ll leave it up to you to comment.




homemade water bikes - DIY


Yep, Do It Yourself Water Bikes.  You know you want one.  I love ingenious people who think about creating dual purpose objects like the Crapatorium above.  These just look dangerous to me, but in all honesty, I’d give them a ride – but only in shallow-ish water, definitely not in the sea or Great Lakes.  Would you? Caveat: please don’t try this at home.




water bottle island video


What?  Island Made of Water Bottles.  Speaking of ingenious people, this man made an island of water bottles.  The video is pretty grainy but worth a watch for sure.  It’s pretty cool.  I wonder if he’s using UV water filtration?  Is his bathroom called Water-loo?




jason decaires taylor underwater sculptures Underwater sculptures. Wow. These are the most amazing installations I’ve ever seen (in pictures) and they were developed to help grow coral.  Jason deCaires Taylor has under water emotional scenes, from bankers to bombs, gardeners, man on fire, dream collector, but my favorite is the Silent Evolution which seems to eerily, ummm…silent.  David Copperfield commissioned a piece of a grand piano, four meters down with multi-sensory audio.


swimming cat with life jacket


What’s in your water? The latest, greatest, kitty exercise.  Swimming to lose weight – in a life jacket.  This aquacat needs no introduction – just watch the video. The newscaster is awesome too.  So puuurfect…   


happiest elephant swimming video


The happiest baby elephant (calf) in the world – swimming.  I bookmarked this video for “those days” it makes me smile inanely, at my desk, here at VIQUA (don’t tell the boss).  If you haven’t watched this video, watch it.  You’ll want to share it on Facebook.  Trust me.  Just click.



I hope you like the new series and if you find any nifty Great Water items please comment below.  Thanks for reading.


P.S. You shared the happy elephant, didn’t you?




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