Pathogens in Water

Water 101 – You Need to Know These Basics I’m an average person, doing average things, in an average week.  I follow politics and news, but I admit to previously filtering out most of the environmental news.  I found it all so overwhelming. The information I did hear made me wonder if I needed a […]
Boil Water Advisories, Flood Insurance, Pictures, Videos, Pets, UV Water Treatment Most of you reading this blog post are likely affected by the flooding in Alberta. We’d like to take a moment at VIQUA and let you know that we are thinking of you, your family, your pets and your businesses and hope you are […]
Ultraviolet disinfection can keep your water safe from any pathogens Ultraviolet disinfection can keep your water safe from pathogens that might make you sick from a wide number of gastro-intestinal diseases.  But if you do not properly pretreat your water before putting it through a UV reactor, you may be wasting your time.  As we […]
The threat of a contaminated water pipe can exist when the Legionella bacteria can develop itself within your piping system. This happens when the Legionella bacteria finds a breeding ground within your water piping system. Still water or water with the “wrong” temperatures are only a few examples where Legionella outbreaks stem from. Other examples […]