Guest Posts

Want to Guest Post on VIQUA’s Blog?

We love authentic guest posters.  We love guest posting on other people’s UV, environment or water blogs too. We’re all about community and want our readers and customers to get the best information in a timely fashion and we’re prepared to share the wealth of our knowledge and hope you are too.

We have some guest post guidelines:

  • Must be original content never published elsewhere
  • It must have a voice – not Zzzzz copy
  • Must not be a top 10 list – can be a top 5 or 13 list – just not 10viqua blog icon
  • Must have proper grammar and spelling
  • Must have a minimum of 1000 words
  • You will be given the opportunity to have a byline and a bio piece.  Your bio may have up to two links in it
  • Must not be fluff
  • Must be written for web and can use LSI (latent semantic indexing) – no keyword spam
  • It cannot be an advertorial or sales pitch – it must provide valuable content
  • If it`s a Infographic – it must be original and abide by the same guidelines here
  • Must not be plagiarised or copyrighted
  • All content, quotes, etc. must have the right attribution
  • Must be useful content – can include links to YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. with the correct attribution
  • Must not have a fake name and you must have a Google+ Profile to validate
  • Images – you must give us the right to use the images ad infinitium and they must not be in contradiction of copyright laws
  • You must pitch the article to the Editor to ensure efforts aren`t duplicated before submitting the article.
  • Backlinks and anchor text must be natural and not to link to spam sites
  • We do not pay for guest posts nor do we expect to be paid for guest posts
  • If you are doing a product review, you must disclose if you have been compensated by the company or agency
  • You cannot be a competitor (let`s be fair)
  • Must give VIQUA the right to publish/own the content (but it will always have your byline)
  • VIQUA`s Editor reserves the right to edit and change the article.  If you would like to see the edited version before it gets pushed live please ask in advance.
  • VIQUA reserves the right to turn down or delete content at any time for any reason
  • VIQUA is not responsible for comments about the post internally or externally

To pitch your guest post to VIQUA`s Editor please email info at  We do not accept posts from agencies, SEOs, auto-generated content or unrelated material.  While we know the value of guest posts for SEO – the guest posts we are looking for are good quality content for our users.  Provide the proper content and you will naturally receive backlinks.  If we like your content you may be able to have a permanent column with VIQUA.

If you want to learn more about what we`re looking for and what we`re not looking for please watch Matt Cutts from Google on YouTube: