Our VIQUA product line-up covers a broad range of water treatment options including water softeners, water conditioners, filters and our specialty, ultraviolet (UV) systems.

Within the Tap product group, you’ll find products suitable for use at a single tap within a home, cottage or small business. The Home product group is intended for point-of-entry (POE) applications where it’s desirable to have treated water at every tap.

Where a business or water supplier may be operating in a regulated environment, the VIQUA Professional product line includes water treatment systems with third party certification and high-performance features. Specialty products are designed for use in unique applications like vending machines, OEM or “off-grid” applications.

for-tapFor Tap

VIQUA product for treatment at source – Point of Use (POU)


for-homeFor Home

VIQUA product for whole home treatment – Point of Entry (POE)


for-professionalFor Professional

VIQUA product for commercial applications


for-specialtyFor Specialty

VIQUA product for specialized applications, such as UV for vending machines and ozone for pools and spas