Find a replacement lamp for your UV system

To find a replacement lamp and parts for your UV system, enter the Model Number on your system

Where do I find my Model Number?
Model Number

The model number for your VIQUA system, which starts with an alpha character, can be located on the silver label that is adhered to the UV stainless steel chamber. Older model systems may be labelled UVMax or Sterilight.

FAQs about your VIQUA UV Lamp

How do I find the right lamp?

Just because a UV lamp fits in your VIQUA UV system doesn’t mean you should trust it to keep you and your family safe. Your VIQUA UV system is engineered, tested, and certified as a COMPLETE unit – including the lamp.

How often should I replace my lamp?

One of the most misunderstood things about a UV water treatment system is why the lamp should be changed even though it still appears to be working or “on”. UV lamps are engineered to last for 9000 hours, which means they generally need to be replaced annually. Even though the lamp may still illuminate after that time, it is not generating sufficient UVC energy to properly disinfect your water. Learn more about UV bulbs.

Can VIQUA remind me when it’s time to replace my lamp?

While many VIQUA UV systems have built-in diagnostics to signal you when it’s time to replace the lamp, we also offer a reminder service via email. Visit our Product Registration page to register your UV system to receive annual replacement lamp reminders.



How to Change the Lamp in Your UV System

Our Quality Manager, Cameron, walks you through the easy step-by-step guide to replacing your VIQUA UV lamp. To ensure continual disinfection of your lamp, it must be changed annually.

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How to Replace Your VIQUA UV Lamp Powered by UV Max System

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How to Replace Your VIQUA UV Lamp Powered by UV Sterilight Systems

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Why Buy a VIQUA Lamp?

Learn about what goes into a VIQUA lamp, how to tell if it's a VIQUA, and the health risks of using a NON-VIQUA lamp.

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Why Buy a VIQUA Lamp?

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Using anything other than a VIQUA UV lamp is simply not worth the risk

  • lamp fire riskFire Risk
  • health lamp riskHealth Risk
  • equipment damage lamp riskEquipment Damage
  • reliability lamp riskReliability Risk
  • system loss certification lamp riskLoss of System Certification

Protect your water, protect your health. 

Failing to replace the lamp ANNUALLY, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system, introduces the risk that disinfection will not take place, resulting in the possibility of infection, illness and possible death from consuming contaminated water. It also voids all system certifications.

How do I know it's a VIQUA lamp?

ALL VIQUA lamps will have one of the following logos – do NOT rely on just part numbers. Look for one of these logos AND the correct part number when buying your lamp.

Product Registration has its benefits!

Replacing your lamp annually ensures the continued safety of your drinking water. Register for an annual reminder when it’s time to replace your lamp.

Product registration is important:

  1. Receive an annual reminder when it’s time to replace your lamp.
  2. Include your system model and serial number, for exact replacement lamp information.

Sign-up online to receive an email reminder: