You bought a VIQUA UV system because you wanted to keep your family safe from waterborne contaminants, bacteria, and microorganisms.

To make sure they stay protected, you need to maintain your system by cleaning the sleeve and making annual lamp change-outs.

Read our Product Safety reminder on how to properly replace lamps and sleeves in your VIQUA UV sysem.

To Maintain Your VIQUA System, Use Only Genuine VIQUA Replacement Lamps

UV lamps have a limited life span and need to be replaced annually. When you use genuine VIQUA replacement lamps, you can be confident your family’s water will continue to be disinfected to the levels the system was designed to deliver.

Top Benefits of Using Genuine VIQUA replacement lamps

  1. Fully Certified: Our genuine lamps carry full NSF and CSA certifications and are also Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) compliant.
  2. Warranty: Genuine VIQUA lamps come with a comprehensive, one-year replacement warranty. Using a genuine VIQUA lamp makes sure the warranties on all other system components stay intact too.
  3. Third-Party Validation: They’ve gone through performance testing and meet certification and validation standards of governing bodies.
  4. Easy to Recycle: When the time comes, VIQUA lamps can be safely and easily recycled. Refer to or for more information.
  5. Long-life Coating: VIQUA lamps are coated for stability, longer life, increased efficiency and higher UV output over the life of the lamp.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: Our lamps contain less than 10 mg of mercury, nearly 70% less than some non-genuine lamps.
  7. Peace of Mind: Damage arising from the use of non-genuine lamps poses a safety risk and is not covered by equipment warranty.

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Product Registration

Make sure to register your VIQUA product online in order to receive warranty and annual lamp reminders.

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Product FAQs

  • What does an A3 code mean?

    An A3 code means that the lamp life has expired. At this point the lamp is to be replaced and the controller needs to be reset.

    To reset: Unplug the controller and let it sit for about a minute. Then, hold in the power button as you reconnect the controller to power. After a few seconds, you should see ‘rSEt’ on the screen, and that is when you let go of the button. You should see 365 appear on the screen.

  • What is the proper disinfection procedure?

    Please refer to Section 3.2 in the manual for complete instructions and visuals for the disinfection procedure. Manuals can be found online at under the Downloads tab. If you cannot find your system online, you can contact Technical Support at

  • How often do you need to change your lamp?

    The lamps should be replaced annually. If you have a unit with an Amalgam lamp (E.g. PRO, H, K) the lamp has to be replaced every 2 years. Instructions to change your lamp can be found within the manual. With every lamp change, it also recommended to clean the sleeve.

  • How do you clean your sleeve and sensor?

    It would be recommend that when the quartz sleeve is cleaned, that the sensor is cleaned as well. For cleaning the sensor, you have to soak the tip in CLR or Lime-A-Way for approximately half an hr. Additionally the quartz sleeve should be cleaned with CLR or Lime-A-Way and both components should be dried with a lint free cloth.

  • What does a blank screen and audible alarm indicate on the BA-ICE ballast?

    If the controller starts beeping and has a blank screen, it means it is not recognizing any current going through the lamp. Generally this is an indication that the lamp has failed and needs to be replaced. Although, if the lamp is replaced and the unit continues to stay in this state, it may indicate that the controller needs to be replaced.