One brand, one promise. VIQUA: Simply Safe Water.

In May of 2015, VIQUA introduced a streamlined product line, with all the primary branding on products being VIQUA (replacing Sterilight and UV Max). By streamlining our product line, we’re making the selection process easier for everyone. For most products, just the logo will change, and all discontinued products will have a suggested replacement with equivalent or better features, at a comparable price. And we’re always working to provide even higher quality and value. These changes will make is easier to identify the right product at the right price for every application. The high quality you trust will remain. >> Handy Streamlined Product Guide [pdf: 841 KB]

To determine the correct lamp and sleeve part numbers for older systems and discontinued models, please contact our customer care department. 

For Tap Changes

Product category for point-of-use treatment, typically a single tap or faucet.

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 Sterilight SC1   VIQUA VT1
 Sterilight SC2.5, Sterilight SC4  VIQUA VT4
 Sterilight S1Q-DWS, Sterilight SC1-DWS  VIQUA VT1-DWS
 UV Max DWS11-A, Sterilight S2Q-DWS, SC2.5-DWS, SC4-DWS, S5Q-DWS  VIQUA VT4-DWS

For Tap Plus Changes

Systems categorised as “Tap” with enhanced features and/or diagnostics

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 UV Max A, Sterilight S1Q-PA  VIQUA S2Q-PA

For Home Changes

Product category for point-of-entry or whole home treatment, typically muliple water outlets.

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 Sterilight S12Q-PA, Sterilight SC-320  VIQUA VH410
 Sterilight SCV-200, Sterilight SCV-320  VIQUA SV8Q-PA

For Home Plus Changes

Systems categorised as “Home” with enhanced features and/or diagnostics.

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 UV Max C4, C4-V, Sterilight SV12Q-PA  VIQUA D4, D4-V
 Sterilight SC200  VIQUA VH200
 Sterilight SC200-DWS10  VIQUA VH200-F10
 Sterilight SSM-37, SSM-39, SCM200, SCM-320, SP320-HO, SP410-HO  VIQUA VH410M
 Sterilight SSM-37, SSMV-39, SCMV-200, SCMV-320  VIQUA D4-V+
 Sterilight SC320-DWS12, SCM320-DWS12  VIQUA IHS12-D4
 Sterilight SC320-DWS22, SCM320-DWS22, SPV410-IHS22  VIQUA IHS22-D4

For Professional Changes

Product category for point-of-entry treatment for larger homes or commercial/public facilities.

Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 Sterilight SC-600, Sterilight SC-740  VIQUA VP600VIQUA VP950

For Professional Plus Changes

Systems categorised as “Professional” with enhanced features and/or diagnostics.

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
  Sterilight SCM-740, SP740-HO, SP950-HO  VIQUA VP950M
 Sterilight SCV-600, SCV-740  VIQUA E4-V
 Sterilight SCMV-600, SCMV-740  VIQUA E4-V+
 Sterilight SCM-600, Sterilight SP600-HO  VIQUA VP600M
 Sterilight SPV-200, SPV-410, SPV-600, SPV-740  VIQUA Pro10
 Sterilight SPV-950  VIQUA Pro20
 Sterilight S80, SM80  VIQUA K, K+
 Sterilight SV50  VIQUA Pro50
 UV Max G, UV Max G+  VIQUA F4, F4+
 UV Max J, UV Max J+  VIQUA H, H+

For Specialty Changes

Product category for specialised applications such as vending, 12V installations and ozone.

 Discontinued Model  Suggested Replacement
 Sterilight S1Q-P/12VDC  VIQUA S2Q-P/12VDC