LightWise Technology logoVIQUA’s new LightWise™ technology allows the system’s electronic controller to automatically reduce lamp power during periods of no water flow, reducing the rate of sleeve fouling by up to 60%, and providing estimated energy savings of 30% compared to standard PRO systems. By adjusting the lamp power, water temperature is maintained below 40˚C (104˚F), and the rate of sleeve fouling is consequently reduced by as much as 60%. This can more than double the amount of time between cleanings in the sleeve cleaning maintenance cycle.

LightWise technology is featured in the VIQUA PRO series – the PRO10, PRO20, and PRO30. Download PDF Brochure


  • Lower maintenance (Up to 60% less maintenance)
    • Decrease conditions that contribute to fouling and corresponding maintenance.
    • Increase time period between required maintenance
    • Eliminates the need for a complicated mechanical sleeve cleaning system
  • Lower energy consumption
    • Estimated energy savings of 30% (A typical two unit installation uses 1400 kW/yr)
  • Lower Operating Temperature
    • Water temperature is maintained below 40˚C (104˚F) in no-flow conditions
    • Eliminates the need for hot water purging in no-flow conditions

Already have a PRO system?

LightWise™ upgrade kits are now available! Upgrading is a great alternative to purchasing a new system. Take advantage of the latest UV technologies while saving time and money by upgrading your existing PRO system.  Plus, VIQUA gives you unmatched support and a new five-year warranty on the electronic controller. These kits are available immediately at a special introductory price, and can be ordered using the following part numbers: LightWise Retrofit kits Download the PDF brochure, for more information. Upgrade kits include a new LightWise-enabled electronic controller, a flow-meter, and an updated user manual.