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The Complete Whole Home Water Treatment Solution Package

The VIQUA Beyond Taste Complete Home Water Treatment System, includes everything you need to treat the water coming into your home. Not only does it address the aesthetic issues (taste, smell, appearance), but it also addresses heavy metals and minerals that may be present.

The VIQUA Beyond Taste solution package includes five different treatment solutions, each one addressing a different water quality concern and providing a better than bottled water quality.

Available in Canada only.

              Softener VIQUA BT       Sediment Filter VIQUA BT      UV System VIQUA BT RO Unit VIQUA BT

 Two-in-One Carbon Filtration & Water Softener

Chlorine and chlorine byproducts are a common concern. Although municipalities do a great job at managing chlorine levels within the distribution system, the interaction between the chemicals and aging infrastructure can lead to unwanted tastes and odors in the water, as well as common byproducts like chloramines.

Hard water is terrible water. Hardness minerals will coat your faucets in white flakes, leave a dirty film on your dishes, keep soap from lathering properly, and create concrete-like buildup in your plumbing and hot water appliances (which can also cost you a lot of money to fix or replace).

To address both the chlorine in your water and the hardness, the first part of the VIQUA Beyond Taste system is a dual-purpose water softener. The media in the bottom of the tank softens your water by absorbing the calcium and magnesium that makes it hard, and the carbon in the upper part of the tank removes chlorine taste and odour. No more crusty plumbing fixtures and no more swimming pool water!

Softener VIQUA BT

Sediment filter

Next comes the sediment filter, which removes dirt or rust particles in your water, making sure the water is nice and clear. Depending on the age of the infrastructure where you live, sediment can be a significant challenge, especially when municipal work is occurring in the area. The filter isn’t fine enough to screen out other contaminants, though, like bacteria, viruses, minerals, and chemicals.

 Sediment Filter

UV system

This is an often-overlooked process in residential water treatment, but one of the most critical. UV  is a physical solution that will not change the taste or odour of your water. It’s the same technology that many bottled water companies use to sterilize their product, and that many large cities around the world (including Vancouver, New York, and Paris) use to treat municipal water supplies.   


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

The final stage of this complete home water treatment system is a reverse osmosis system, to remove dissolved solids, like heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) pesticides, pharmaceuticals, radium, fluoride and sodium, a byproduct of water softening processes. The RO system is installed under the sink, usually in the kitchen, or in the basement connected to a single faucet, to provide an additional treatment barrier at the tap most often used for drinking water.


Your Water Should be Great Water

With the VIQUA Beyond Taste Complete home water treatment system, you can transform the water in your home.

VIQUA Beyond Taste Solution Features

  • Removes hard minerals, saving your appliances and plumbing fixtures;
  • Eliminates chlorine taste and odour, so no more swimming pool tap water;
  • Filters out dirt and rust that could come from your pipes;
  • Eradicates potentially harmful heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals.


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*Currently only available in Canada.