Introducing the latest in residential UV water treatment

VIQUA Arros™ is the whole-home UV water treatment system designed for a streamlined installation, giving you time for more. It delivers optimized performance while minimizing maintenance hassles.

VIQUA Arros systems are suitable for a variety of flow rates and applications in homes, cottages, and light commercial facilities.

Features and Benefits

Tidal™ chamber

    • Aligns the inlet and outlet ports on a single plane for ease of installation.
    • Minimizes need for complex rerouting of plumbing.
    • Limits fittings.
    • Reduces pressure drop.
    • Requires less energy through its more efficient chamber that uses a lower power lamp.


  • Blocks UV light so the VIQUA Arros can plumb directly to PEX and other polymer materials.
  • Eliminates the risk of UV degradation of pipe materials.

Simplified mounting

  • Ensures improved alignment of bracket and chamber.
  • Eliminates sloppy installs.

Flexible installation

  • Chamber installs vertically or horizontally.
  • Controller accommodates water from either direction in plumbing.


  • Tracks the actual hours per day lamp is powered.
  • Enables timely lamp replacement for continued optimal performance.

All-in-one lamp design

  • Saves time during installation and maintenance.
  • Includes lamp and quartz sleeve in a single connection.
  • Ensures proper electrical component without requiring a lamp harness.

Integrated prefiltration (available in the VIQUA Arros IHS series)

  • Enables easy filter replacement and maintenance.
  • Comes with a sediment filter to remove commonly found particles in water.
  • Includes a carbon block filter to reduce unpleasant odors and color (available in two-sump systems).
  • Features a three-piece filter housing for easy removal of the sump.

Connect with the VIQUA App

  • Update software remotely.
  • Input dealer contact information to streamline communication.


Designed by YOU. Engineered by VIQUA.

The result of extensive customer feedback, robust testing, and system validation, VIQUA Arros exceeds third-party certifications and delivers a premiere UV water treatment solution.

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