Whole Home

Designed to treat the water at every tap, our HOME product line ensures high-quality water throughout your whole home protecting your family and your appliances and fixtures.

Whatever your water source – municipal, private well, rainwater -the VIQUA portfolio of high-quality point-of-entry water treatment systems covers your needs. With flow rates up to 18 gpm, these systems are also appropriate for light commercial applications.

Whole Home


Our HOME UV systems combine the efficacy and high quality of VIQUA manufacturing with performance and safety feature options like the SAFETY-LOC connector (unique to VIQUA systems) with third-party validation (NSF) or integral pre-filtration.

Home Plus

Your peace of mind is further assured with our HOME PLUS high output UV systems. The addition of an LED monitor to continuously provide feedback on the operation of your the unit is central to the HOME PLUS lineup. With configurations that add sensor technology, third-party validation or integral pre-filtration, you will certainly find a UV system ideally suited to your needs.


Easily protect your home’s appliances and fixtures from staining or hardness build up. Our HOME line-up of water conditioners addresses all the common “aesthetic” water quality issues with the promise of VIQUA quality and performance. Our HOME water conditioners incorporate proprietary technology, first-in-class design and chemical-free solutions wherever possible.


Our TAP portfolio of filtration products are designed for a wide variety of needs. Choose high-performance cartridges for removal of sediments like dirt and rust or unwanted tastes and odors such as chlorine and VOCs. Or combine these for clean, clear, refreshing drinking water. For more challenging water sources, we offer a 4 stage reverse osmosis (RO) system.

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Replacing your UV lamp annually, with a VIQUA lamp, ensures the continued performance of your VIQUA UV system. Failing to replace the lamp ANNUALLY, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system introduces risk.

VIQUA Replacement Lamps