Single Tap

Our TAP family of point-of-use systems are designed with a small footprint.

Single Tap

Tap UV Systems

Our TAP family of UV systems are meant to be installed at a single tap or faucet within a home, cottage, or business. These systems are also suitable for water bottle refill stations, water fountains, or other low-flow applications (1 to 4 gpm).

TAP units are compact, durable, and easy to install. Every product includes a SAFETY-LOC Connector for added user safety and an “on” indicator light, so you know the system is powered on.

Integrated units incorporate prefiltration: sediment filtration to remove debris in the water and a carbon filter to improve the water’s taste and odor.

Be sure to change the UV lamp every year for optimal system performance.

For Tap
Tap Integrated Pre Filtration UV System

Ideal For: Bacteria, Chlorine, Lead, Turbidity/Cloudiness
Flow Rate: 3.5 gpm


Our filtration products are designed to meet a range of needs. Choose high-performance cartridges for removal of sediments, like dirt and rust, or unwanted tastes and odors, such as chlorine and VOCs.

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Replacing the UV lamp annually with a VIQUA lamp ensures optimal water system performance. Failing to replace the lamp annually, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system, voids system certifications and may affect the warranty.

VIQUA Replacement Lamps