Single Tap

Our TAP group of products are installed at a single tap (sometimes called faucet) within a home, cottage or business. These are also suitable for fountains or low-flow applications (1-4 gpm).

Single Tap


Our TAP UV products deliver all the efficacy of a VIQUA UV system in a compact, durable and easy-to-install unit. All systems include a SAFETY-LOC Connector for added user safety and an “on” indicator light. Integrated units with pre-filtration are available for sediment filtration as well as taste and odor polishing for better tasting water.

Tap Plus

Our TAP Plus UV delivers all the efficacy of a VIQUA UV system with added functionality. This compact, durable and easy-to-install UV system is also equipped with a “count down” timer display and lamp change reminder. Always be certain your UV lamp is providing adequate power with TAP PLUS.


Our TAP portfolio of filtration products are designed for a wide variety of needs. Choose high-performance cartridges for removal of sediments like dirt and rust or unwanted tastes and odors such as chlorine and VOCs. Or combine these for clean, clear, refreshing drinking water. For more challenging water sources, we offer a 4 stage reverse osmosis (RO) system.

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Replacing your UV lamp annually, with a VIQUA lamp, ensures the continued performance of your VIQUA UV system. Failing to replace the lamp ANNUALLY, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system introduces risk.

VIQUA Replacement Lamps