Our PROFESSIONAL range of products brings VIQUA quality and performance to flow rates up to 290 gpm.

For regulated environments demanding certified systems, count on our UV engineering acumen paired with our exceptional range of pre-treatment options – all backed by our knowledgeable technical support team.


Our PROFESSIONAL UV products cover flow rates of 30 to 183 gpm with high-efficiency, compact options at the lower end and multi-lamp performance configurations at the upper. Features that help your customer oversee system performance include “count down” timers with lamp change reminders or a robust control panel depending on flow rates.

Professional Plus

Our PROFESSIONAL PLUS UV line-up delivers an extensive range of high performance, specially equipped UV systems built by VIQUA to demanding specifications to give you the flexibility to deliver a solution in even the most challenging scenario. There’s PROFESSIONAL PLUS UV systems certified to NSF Class A or NSF Class B standards, US EPA requirements and even one to achieve Adenovirus credit. With robust feature sets including state of the art sensor technology, continuous feedback on system performance or real-time UV dose monitoring and Cool-Touch fan technology, the PROFESSIONAL PLUS UV products will ensure you meet your customers’ demands.


Rely on PROFESSIONAL CONDITIONING systems from VIQUA to produce source water best suited to ultraviolet disinfection and to elevate any water source to your customers’ aesthetic requirements. Tannin, turbidity and taste or odor concerns are readily overcome and even challenging iron-bearing waters can be tackled with a chemical-free solution.


Our TAP portfolio of filtration products are designed for a wide variety of needs. Choose high-performance cartridges for removal of sediments like dirt and rust or unwanted tastes and odors such as chlorine and VOCs. Or combine these for clean, clear, refreshing drinking water. For more challenging water sources, we offer a 4 stage reverse osmosis (RO) system.

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Replacing your UV lamp annually, with a VIQUA lamp, ensures the continued performance of your VIQUA UV system. Failing to replace the lamp ANNUALLY, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system introduces risk.

VIQUA Replacement Lamps