Your blueprint to business growth

VIQUA is committed to elevating the importance of indicator testing and UV treatment for private wells—and we’re also driven to helping water treatment professionals grow their businesses.

Through the VIQUA Certified Partner Program, we are building a network of dealers who are willing to make microbial testing as common and accessible as the tests for hardness, iron, and total dissolved solids. In doing so, these dealers will help generate awareness for good well stewardship and effective treatment for microorganisms.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Partner

If you want to help more private well users adopt a continuous method of water treatment, we’re here to support you—with more than just the tools to sell UV. Our Certified Partner Program includes*:

  • Unlimited access to presence-absence tests and an incubator
  • Personalized sales and installation training, including the Certified Installer Training Program
  • Demo system(s)
  • Promotion in the “Where to Buy” section of this website
  • Co-branded literature for customer education
  • Truck and store decals
  • Marketing support


Together, let’s make an impact on the lives of our shared customers—and grow your business in the process.


The VIQUA Certified Partner Program is ideal for water treatment professionals who:

Regularly service and treat private wells
Want to grow their UV water treatment business
Need resources, tools, and support to successfully sell UV


*Subject to approval process and adherence to program requirements. Applicable only in USA and Canada for Water Treatment Professionals who meet the criteria.