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Easter tradition continues at the White House and VIQUA will be there.

The Easter Egg Roll is the longest held annual presidential tradition, dating back to the Lincoln administration when informal egg roll parties were recorded.  And being a part of the modern day festivities is becoming tradition for VIQUA. Once … [Read More...]

Dogs and cats can be affected by waterborne illnesses too.

Safe Water Protects Your Pets, Too!

Generally, when people and businesses have the discussion about water treatment for health and safety, they are referring to the health and safety of the human beings in the household. However, pets have become increasingly important members of … [Read More...]

dolphin boat

VIQUA: 8 Great Things about Water Found on the Web #2

This is our second 8 great things about water found on the web. The first Great Things about Water Found on the Internet is here. It has some water towers, a toilet washing machine, an island made of water bottles, the happiest elephant ever and so … [Read More...]

Welcome to VIQUA’s New Blog

We hope you find some interesting information about water, water treatment and ultraviolet water disinfection. Since this blog is new, we'd love to hear from you and learn what you'd like to see or read here - we'd also love it if you comment, and guest post - we love guest bloggers.

VIQUA is a leading organization committed to bringing safe water solutions to your customers. VIQUA manufactures innovative technology based on science for clean confidence in international markets. It has over 500,000 systems installed globally since 2000.

Over time, we will become a leading resource for water news, videos globally. We encourange you to sign-up for our blog by email.

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Ceri (Kerry) Nelmes
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