Boil Water Advisories: What can you do?

July 30, 2015

Today, more than ever, people just like you are concerned about the water in their homes. With all the press about outbreaks of waterborne illnesses, boil water advisories, and water infrastructure issues, keeping your family safe from waterborne illnesses is top of mind – and so it should be. The…

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Opening the Cottage

May 8, 2015

Few things say “Spring is here” like ripping off the socks in favor of a pair of sandals, taking the cover off the swimming pool or opening the cottage for the season.  But each requires a little preparation and maintenance.  If you are one of the lucky ones heading to…

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Introducing Our New Brand

April 16, 2015

Business doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change. And this year, VIQUA’s changing. Here’s Frank Profiti, VIQUA’s General Manager, discussing some of the exciting changes happening here at VIQUA. Today, we’ve officially introduced our new brand identity, demonstrating our commitment to product innovation and the delivery of…

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Safe Water Protects Your Pets, Too!

Generally, when people and businesses have the discussion about water treatment for health and safety, they are referring to the health and safety of the human beings in the household. However, pets have become increasingly important members of peoples’ families. Can contaminated water cause issues for Fluffy or Fido? ABSOLUTELY!…

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UV Has Been Deployed to Protect Healthcare Workers against Ebola – Why Aren’t You using it to Protect Your Family’s Water?

September 17, 2014

A US company has deployed its latest weapon against the spread of Ebola in Africa, using a method similar to how we can protect water from viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.  Two ultraviolet light (UV) robots were delivered to two Republic of Liberia hospitals with the intent to help eradicate virus…

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