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When you choose any of our VIQUA products, you are choosing so much more than a water treatment system.  VIQUA invests in and pursues excellence in engineering design, third-party validation, performance testing and is committed to building products that meet or exceed industry standards.

As a business unit of Trojan Technologies, VIQUA is able to leverage the engineering know-how that goes into designing and building municipal UV water treatment facilities – UV systems that serve large populations like New York City. The principles of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, flow characteristics and component design to synergistically optimize performance are equally important at flow rates suitable to residential and light commercial applications. And conducting bioassay testing in product development guarantees the disinfection performance of every VIQUA UV design. But you don’t have to understand those things because we do! It’s enough to know that VIQUA continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions for water disinfection always striving to exceed our customers’ needs.