Iron Reduction

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COMMcenter - 270270-R

for Pro series, G, H, J, K and Plus series
Part # 270270-R

4-20mA UV Sensor Interface - 270268-R

The sensor interface is an inexpensive unit that allows for sophisticated controls based on sensor signals rather than alarm set points. This product is compatible with existing SCADA, PLC and/or other data management systems. The sensor interface is installed between the power supply an ...

NPT solenoid valve kit (2\\

2" NPT solenoid valve kit (24V)

Replacement Parts

Replacement Quartz Sleeve - 602976

Power Supply Kit 660019-R

Replacement power supply kit, 100-240V

Lamp Harness 650711-001

Lamp / Sleeve Combo 602850-103

Lamp and Sleeve combo kit, two pieces, o-rings included.

O-Ring 002233

O-ring for Pro sleeves.

Wire Form (lamp cord retainer) 602896

Sleeve Removal Tool 602988

Bottom Sleeve Bolt 603053

Top Sleeve Bolt 602916

 (wire form sold separately).

Sensor 650580

 UV Sensor

CoolTouch Fan - 650630

Amalgam Lamp - 602856

Product Flow Rates

30 mJ/cm² 95% UVT @ eoll 80 gpm
40 mJ/cm² 95% UVT @ eoll 60 gpm

Product Specificiations

Length 41 inches
Diameter 4 inches
Power Supply 33cm x 16.5cm x 11.4cm
(13" x 6.5" x 4.5")
Inlet/Outlet Port Size 2" MNPT
Shipping Weight 6.4 kg
Shipping Weight 0.4 kg
Shipping Weight 0.9 kg
Reactor Chamber Material 316L SST
Electropolished & Passivated Yes
Lamp Type LPHO Amalgam lamp
Max. current 2.4 Amp
Lamp Power 200 W
Voltage 120-240V / 50-60Hz
Operating Parameters
Maximum iron 0.3 ppm
Maximum hardness 120 ppm
(7 grains per gallon)
Ambient Temperature 0-40 °C
(32-104 °F)
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 PSI
(6.9 bar)
Minimum UVT 75 %
Installation Orientation Vertical
UV Intensity Monitor Yes
Visual "Power On" Yes
Audible Lamp Failure Yes
Audible alarm mute button Yes
Visual Lamp Life Remaining Yes
Lamp Replacement Indicator Yes
Safety Interlock Yes
Flow Restrictor No
COMMcenter control package Optional
CoolTouch fan Yes
Colour-coded plug and play connections Yes
Solenoid operation indicator Yes
Flow Pacing Yes
Solenoid Valve Optional
4-20 Interface Optional
Dry Contact Optional
CE Yes
UL Yes